Remove incomprehensible abbreviations

When you work for a long time in a company, some of the abbreviations adopted in it already seem so native that you write them in a resume. But they are unfamiliar to the recruiter, so very important information is lost. Try to avoid abbreviations wherever possible. Rephrase Template Phrases Very often you want to succumb to the temptation and put in your resume template phrases that can be easily found in any resume or job description. Avoid them, because for the recruiter they represent an empty place. Rephrase, for example: Focus on results = always think about results in my work. Customer focus = a client always comes first for me = I put the client’s interests above my personal ones. Sociability = easily negotiate with any clients / colleagues = freely maintain a conversation with clients. Create a normal box What distinguishes a professional from a child? A professional calls his mailbox by name and surname, and a child - by children's words, nicknames from games

Use the resume file name convenient for the recruiter

The name of the resume file should contain at least the last name and preferably a position. So it’s more convenient for a recruiter to look for a resume on his disk, forward it, and so on. A little concern for the recruiter will be sure to be noted. Again, in the eyes of the recruiter, this makes the resume a bit more expensive. Show your benefit in a cover letter There are different opinions about the cover letters. I always say this: a good cover letter in 20% of cases can add value to a resume if it is written correctly. But it is not always necessary. If you decide to write it, then here's a simple structure: Mistakes in your resume Along with the secrets of increasing the value of a resume, there are things that make a resume much cheaper. Let's talk about some of them. Along with the secrets of increasing the value of a resume, there are things that make a resume much cheaper. Let's talk about some of them. Now many job search sites allow you to download

Remove the template phrases from the "Target" section

Immediately after your contact information in the resume there is a section called "Goal". Usually in this section they write template phrases like "Maximize your potential ...". Here you need to list the list of posts that interest you. Always check spelling Usually about 5% of all the resumes I’ve looked at contain errors: elementary grammatical errors (there was no spell check); errors in spelling foreign words (only Russian spelling is configured); errors in punctuation marks: a space before a comma, a comma between words without spaces; in the lists at the end of the sentence there are different punctuation marks (ideally they should not be; a dot is placed after the last item on the list). Save your resume in DOCX format and nothing else Not a PDF - many recruiters make their edits or notes (salary expectations, their impressions of the candidate, information that was received during the interview) in the resume before being sent to the customer, t

Throw functional responsibilities from the job description into the ballot box!

The functional responsibilities that are indicated in the resume are usually the most commonplace and boring thing. In 30% of cases, they are copied from their job description, in 50% of cases - from other people's resumes or job descriptions, and only 20% really write them on their own with high quality. I always recommend writing responsibilities, not areas of responsibility, and describing them in the form of actions that you performed. This is approximately the same as with achievements, but figures are not obligatory here, responsibilities may not be so impressive, and, of course, these are not one-time actions. Before writing them, I recommend reading a few vacancies to imagine what you should write about. Next, write down the duties in the order of their importance: in the first place the most significant (development of a strategy, budget planning, the launch of new products on the market), and in the last - the least (preparation of reports). Sell ​​job title and co

Share your achievements

If from my article you will remember only one sentence, let it be about achievements. This immediately adds 50% of the cost to your resume, if you do not know how to do it correct, find examples in the site - . The recruiter is simply not able to interview everyone who submitted the resume. Therefore, the one who indicated his achievements and could thereby interest the recruiter will always win. Achievements are your measurable successes, which are expressed in numbers, terms or significant qualitative changes in the company. They must be specific, measurable, impressive and appropriate to the position. Achievement example: For three months, it increased TV sales by 30% (store director). Launched a new product on the market in four months, which helped to earn $ 800 thousand for six months (marketing director). He negotiated with suppliers and increased the delay in payments by 30 days, saving the company on loans - $ 100 thousand per month (buy